CHE Community Food Hub

Let Local Foods Be Your Healer!

Looking for fresh vegetables, fruits, and meats grown locally?
Come check out the CHE Community
Food Hub located in Bethel NC!


The Coalition For Healthier Eating’s goal is to educate consumers on the benefits of eating and
drinking sustainably grown foods and juices. We strive to connect local sustainably grown growers with consumers so
that they can learn to understand each other in ways that will promote the consumption of
sustainably grown products, which will serve to reduce cost to farmers who can then pass that reduction on
to consumers by reducing the cost of their products.

When you don’t have time to shop, we got your back. We will deliver your food wherever you are

Certified Organic

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Naturally Grown

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Monday – Saturday
10AM – 6PM

Contact Info

171 SE Railroad St
Bethel, NC 27812

1 252-215-5661